Chairman's Message

Being one of the leading power of the Turkish economy, the chemicals industry grew significantly in the last 10 years together with its sub-sectors. Being one of the top exporting sectors in our country, chemicals industry is breaking its own records.
As İKMİB (Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association) we have been supporting the development of the chemicals industry in our country since our inception. We continue our hard work in the chemicals industry which carries the major load in Turkey's exports, to become even stronger in the foreign markets and increase our export volume.
Our Association's work in international fair organizations and Trade Missions plays a major role in boosting our exporters' efforts in reaching new markets. Every year we participate to the most important conference organizations of our sector; cosmetics, health, paint, plastics etc. in the Middle East, Asia, US, and Europe and promote both our country and our industrial products. Our leading organizations in foreign trade and buying missions contribute to finding and getting into new markets.
Our Overseas Marketing Teams supported by the Ministry of Economy's UR-GE incentive funds is instrumental in finding high potential areas for our exporters. At the same time, we offer consulting and mentoring services for our companies in order to sustain our existing market shares. Our work continues to become stronger in our target markets by representing our industry at national and international arenas with various activities.
Keeping abreast of economic and sector-based developments in the world, international legislation is another area we pay close attention to. We follow regulations such as REACH and KYOTO together with the public offices and provide guidance to our member companies. Our Association plays a major role in conflict resolution on attending issues regarding our sector and tries to increase public awareness on these issues.
We believe that the path to reach sustainable export levels is through production with added value and R&D activities. That is why we believe activities such as R&D Project Market, Plastic and Metal Packaging Design Competition, İMMİB Industrial Design Competitions are of significant value. We also take our new project development support very seriously.
Our goals are ambitious, our path is long... We will continue our work toward the industry goal of '50 billion dollars at 2023' at full steam.
Murat Akyüz
İstanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters Association (İKMİB)
Chairman of the Board of Directors