Plastic and Metal Packaging Design Competition

Plastic and Metal Packaging Design Competition was organized by Istanbul Cosmetics and Cosmetic Products Exporters Association and İstanbul Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters Association. The goal of the competition is to support the development of plastic and metal packaging products with added value, to help expand and motivate the reach of design activities, and to increase the competitive power of the industry in exports. There were 197 applicants for the competition being organized for the first time.

At the Award Ceremony held on 12 September 2014, a total of 106.000 TRY was awarded in 2 categories of Plastic Packaging and Metal Packaging.

In addition to the monetary awards, the winners were able to attend the most prestigious event of the sector namely the Emballage Fair in Paris. The expenses were covered by our Association. They will also benefit from a 2 year overseas education program including free tuition and living expenses with the Ministry of Economy quota alloted for competition winners.