Project of Green Production Clean Future

Project of Green Production Clean Future-No. ISTKA/2012/BIL/136
Special aim:
A total of 20 Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) will be made in terms of products to be selected from product groups selected from the chemical sector (plastic, paint, cosmetics, soap and organic /inorganic substances). The LCA works to be carried out for each product group shall be realized to achieve one of the enhancement/development targets to be selected according to the product group and according to the problem of the company. Examples of enhancement/development targets are given as follows: 1) Substituting input A with input B or removing a certain chemical from the production process 2) changing production technology A with production technology B 3) reducing the carbon footprint 4) preparing the required infrastructure for the acquirement of an eco-label. These targets can be diversified in line with the problems related to the product groups and the problems or requests of companies. 

General Information about the Contract Authority (the organization responsible for the management of the contract)
Exporters Associations are professional organizations consisting of exporters and which are active in regions and cities which are centered around export in our country and which operate their activities in affiliation with the Ministry of Economy. 6 associations are gathered under the umbrella of the General Secretariat of Istanbul minerals and metals exporters’ associations. These associations are Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association, Istanbul Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters' Association, Istanbul Electrical-Electronics, Machinery & ICT Exporters' Association, Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association, Steel Exporters' Association and Turkish Precious Metals and Jewellery Exporters Association. The project target group has been selected from the chemicals sector represented by Istanbul Chemicals and Chemical Products Exporters' Association (ICCPEA). As of 13.02.2013, ICCPEA has 5.741 members. ICCPEA organizes commercial missions on a regular basis and participates in international fair organizations on behalf of exporting companies and organizes seminars in order to enhance the corporate and personal development of its own members and the employees of its members.